Idea management made easy inside Microsoft Teams!

Join our Product Lead & Microsoft MVP Sébastien Levert and MVP, Valo Partner Maarten Eekels from Portiva to discover how Valo Ideas in Microsoft Teams can help you to build the workplace of your dreams!

  • Duration: Approx 1 hour
  • Cost: Free - and you're invited!
  • To whom: Anyone who's shaping the future of digital workplaces, employee experiences, and improving productivity at work, home, or school. Welcome to learn and be inspired! :)
Sébastien and Maarten will:
  • Kick of the webinar with a short introduction to Valo Ideas and idea management
  • Discuss how you and your organization can bring your collaboration, communication and co-innovation to the next level!

Sounds pretty good, right? If so sign up to the webinar and secure your virtual seat! 

We will send a recording to all participants.

Psst. If you have any questions, please leave them to the given field in the form or shoot us a tweet using #AskValo and #ValoWebinar. We'd love to hear from you!

Want to learn more about Valo Ideas & get rid of the manual "office idea box"?

Did you once have an idea box where anyone could drop their suggestions on a piece of paper? Generally in the past, the whole evaluation process of new concepts was done behind closed doors and in small groups. 

Now you can give feedback, vote and arrange ideas in a new in a digital workplace you tool you already most likely own, Microsoft Teams! The video below demonstrates how easy it is to get great use & business value out from the product and the integration!



If you are more keen to the written word, check out our launch blog post! It'll cover everything on what Valo Ideas is, how your business will benefit from it and how to get your hands on it!